1st ASEM conference on women’s economic empowerment in Vilnius

1st ASEM conference on women’s economic empowerment in Vilnius

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The 1st ASEM conference “Women’s Economic Empowerment: Creating Equal Opportunities in the World of Work” was held in Vilnius on May 25-26, 2017.

At the initiative of Lithuania the Vilnius conference on women’s economic empowerment has launched Asia – Europe dialogue on women empowerment and gender equality and opened a new chapter in ASEM cooperation.

The Vilnius Declaration of the 1st ASEM conference on Women’s Economic Empowerment was adopted by the participants of the conference and the need was declared the need to continue dialogue and exchange of best practices on women‘s economic empowerment among ASEM partners. India has offered to host the 2nd ASEM conference on women‘s empowerment in 2018.

Lithuania is grateful to all ASEM countries for their full support to this initiative and especially thanks the co-sponsoring countries (China, Croatia, India; Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Romania, Sweden, Vietnam) for their contributions.

The concept paper, agenda, the list of participants and proceedings of the conference can be downloaded here.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour

Mykolas Romeris University


Co-sponsoring countries:  Japan, Sweden, Romania, the Philippines, Vietnam, Croatia, Mongolia, China and India

Documents of the conference:

Vilnius Declaration

Our partners:

European Institute for Gender Equality
  Business Women’s Association in Lithuania