Lithuania – an open country for co-creation

Lithuania – an open country for co-creation

Co-creating impactful solutions, tackling global challenges, thinking, acting and dreaming beyond our borders.

Globally minded and welcoming, Lithuania is a place where great ideas come to life. It’s a stage where a cooperative spirit meets skilful improvisation to create globally recognised innovations in business, science, culture, governance, and beyond. In the realms of business and science, we edit genes, disrupt the payment infrastructure, and build laser technology that helps move progress forward. In culture, we have helped to revolutionise filmmaking, and make huge Hollywood projects happen. Meanwhile, we are building bridges between the public sector and startups that yield great and unexpected results. When it comes to international relations, we see it as our mission to defend freedom and democracy in our part of the world and beyond. We are proud of the part we play in the Eastern Partnership initiative and NATO’s deterrence strategy. And the thread that runs through all of this? A desire to co-create – to share, inspire and empower.

In Lithuania, a spirit for invention, blended with smart governance and an open-minded culture create the right conditions for co-creating impactful solutions that reach beyond its borders and into the lives of people all around the world.

‘We open our land, our dominions, and our kingdom to every person of goodwill.’ These words of Lithuania’s Grand Duke Gediminas are as true today as they were when they were written in 1323. Intended as an invitation to knights, merchants and artisans, this spirit of welcomeness is what lies at the heart of Lithuania’s capacity for co-creation. And this is nowhere more obvious than in the diverse group of institutions who now call Lithuania home: there’s a Belarusian university in exile, a host of post-Brexit Fintechs, 1000 startups (and counting), and, of course, a wide range of international players – from German automotive giants to US Biotech.

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