Please note that new MFA’s accreditation rules for foreign media journalists have come into force as of the 4th July 2018.

Foreign journalists must apply for the accreditation online by completing the accreditation form on the Ministry’s web-site. Requests for accreditation submitted in person, by mail or email will not be accepted.

A holder of the valid accreditation may apply for a new accreditation no earlier than 4 months prior the expiry of the held accreditation. Early applications will be processed in compliance with this term.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (MFA) only considers requests for accreditation of foreign media journalists, who professionally collect, prepare and provide material to foreign media organisation under the mutual agreement and (or) are members of a professional organization of foreign journalists.

Only those foreign journalists, whose purpose is to inform the public about the events in the Republic of Lithuania systemically, shall be considered for MFA’s accreditation. Along with the accreditation form, foreign journalists will have to submit a list or overview of publications and /or reports on the Republic of Lithuania over the past 12 months, or copies thereof. If accreditation is requested for the first time, a list of the topics for the publications and /or reports to be prepared during the accreditation period shall be provided.

The maximum period of MFA’s accreditation is 12 months. The specific period of accreditation shall be determined taking into account the objectives of the accreditation declared by a foreign journalist, the terms of his/hers agreements with foreign media organisation and the information provided by the competent authorities of the Republic of Lithuania.

The accreditation form and its attachments must be in Lithuanian or English. Certified translation of attached documents is required in case of documents issued in other languages. 

Accreditation request shall be processed within thirty (30) working days of receipt of all documents. It may be extended up to twenty (20) additional working days, should further information or additional documents are required.

You will be informed by e-mail once your request is approved.  If you have not been informed of the decision in regards of your accreditation within the term specified above, please contact us by email accreditation@urm.lt .

In submitting an accreditation request, you confirm personal data and data of the represented media organisation; undertake to comply with the Law on the Provision of Information to the Public of the Republic of Lithuania and other Lithuanian legislation; explicitly grant the consent to verify the data submitted under the accreditation request by the entitled Lithuanian public institutions and agree to the collection, storage and processing of your personal data for the purpose of accreditation pursuant to the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania; and declare that the information provided by you is true, complete, and accurate.

Upon receipt of the accreditation card, you will be asked for an ID, original documents, submitted as attachments to the accreditation request, and previous accreditation card (obligatory to return if it was previously issued).

Please find the new MFA accreditation rules here.

Fill accreditation form here