Landsbergis in Luxembourg: “Whenever Russia is escalating, the EU must respond very clearly”

Today, on 24 June, Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabrielius Landsbergis, participates in the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council.

“Revenues generated by immobilised Russian assets must be used for the defence of Ukraine as soon as possible,” said the head of Lithuania’s diplomacy ahead of the Council meeting.

The Foreign Minister also recalled the need for the EU to respond as clearly as possible to Russia’s kinetic activities.

“We’re clearly seeing, and it has to be mentioned time and time again, that Russia is escalating not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries that are covered by Article 5, and there is ample evidence that Russian special intelligence is behind kinetic activities in Europe and NATO countries. And we have to be very clear about what we are going to do about it. At the same time, we are discussing the 14th EU sanctions package that, unfortunately, has become quite weaker over time,” said the Foreign Minister.

When speaking about Georgia, Landsbergis pointed out the need to send a clear message to Georgia that the current course would not only shut the door to the EU but also trigger a response to human rights violations.

Arrival and doorstep by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Gabrielius Landsbergis, at the Foreign Affairs Council: https://newsroom.consilium.europa.eu/events/20240624-foreign-affairs-council-june-2024/145390-arrival-and-doorstep-lt-landsbergis-20240624