Global Lithuania

Global Lithuania

Having experienced several emigration waves, Lithuania has a large diaspora with approx. 1.3 million Lithuanians and people of Lithuanian descent outside Lithuania, which is about a third of the Lithuanian nation.

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania recognises the potential of the Lithuanian diaspora and aims to consolidate it for strengthening the state and for promoting it around the world. To this end the Programme for the Creation of “Global Lithuania” – Involvement of Lithuanian Emigrants in the Life of the State was designed in 2012. It expired at the end of 2021 having made a big impact on strengthening a bond between the state and the diaspora. More than 20 governmental institutions and agencies were engaged in the implementation of the Programme while organisations of Lithuanians living abroad and Lithuanian non-governmental organisations also contributed actively to this endeavour.

With the expiry date of the Programme “Global Lithuania” approaching, upon the consent of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Strategic Guidelines for the Lithuanian Diaspora Policy for 2022–2030 were approved by Order No V-550 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of 27 December 2021.

The main goal of the Strategic Guidelines is to enhance and expand ties, dialogue and partnership between the state and the diaspora with an aim to encourage the safeguarding and fostering of the Lithuanian national identity and a sense of belonging and to create conditions for more active involvement of the diaspora in the creation of wellbeing and security in Lithuania and for their return to Lithuania.

The implementation of the Strategic Guidelines “Global Lithuania” for 2022–2030 is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Actions and/or measures of competent public institutions and agencies tasked with the implementation of the Strategic Guidelines “Global Lithuania” are currently being set forth in the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategic Guidelines for 2022‒2030.

Globali Lietuva – Global Lithuania”, an account created by the Global Lithuania Department on the social networking site Facebook, serves as a communication space for the Lithuanian diaspora and all those interested in the life of Lithuanians across the world. There are posts with information from Lithuanian institutions that implement the diaspora policy, with news from diaspora organisations and other sources; there is also a calendar of events there.

Suggestions, remarks, and updates from Lithuanian diaspora organisations are welcome by email: diaspora@urm.lt.