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Created: 2001.12.12 / Updated: 1901.12.13 22:09
According to the latest public opinion survey conducted by the "Vilmorus" pollster, 64.6 percent of Lithuanian population support the country's bid for the NATO membership. During the analogous poll performed by the same agency in June, this year, and 63.8 percent of the respondents supported the NATO membership. 22 percent indicated that Lithuania did not need the membership - which is 3.5 percent decrease since the last poll. The poll revealed that 21.1 percent of the citizens had doubts concerning Lithuania's NATO membership since they were not sure if it is the cheapest way to guarantee the state's security. 4.3 percent of the respondents were quite indifferent to Lithuania's integration into the NATO and the perspectives of Lithuania's state security. The poll was ordered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and conducted during the period of November 29 - December 3. 1010 respondents were polled (18 years and older) in 18 towns and 56 villages of Lithuania. The respondents were polled at their homes and offered several options for an answer to choose from.

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