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At the OSCE Permanent Council, Lithuania condemns Belarus for artificially creating migration crisis

Created: 2021.07.30 / Updated: 2021.07.30 18:26

On 29 July, at the Permanent Council of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Lithuania rejected Belarus‘s claims that it was mistreating migrants crossing their mutual border. Lithuania underlined that the refugee flows it faces are irregular and artificially created by the Belarusian regime in Minsk in order to put political pressure on the Government of Lithuania and the EU.

'This strategy relies on disinformation to generate negative propaganda that aims to destabilise a country and push wedges between itself and its allies. Belarus’ aim in all this is to fuel ‘incidents’ on the border that they will point to in some kind of warped sense of moral indignation', - stated Lithuanian representatives.

Lithuania condemned the Belarusian regime’s use of illegal migration in their increasingly unhinged attempts to lash out against the international community, calling it unacceptable and demanding that it stop.

In response to Belarus‘s comments on recent amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Persons, Lithuania reiterated that it respects the rule of law and does everything to fulfil its legal commitments.  Lithuania informed that it is receiving assistance from EU agencies and member states to cope with the crisis and once again called on Belarus to stop its malicious behaviour immediately.

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