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Lithuanian and Estonian experts discuss diaspora policy strategy

Created: 2020.09.03 / Updated: 2020.09.04 14:05
    Lithuanian and Estonian experts discuss diaspora policy strategy

    On 2 September, consultations took place between the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Neris Germanas and Raivo Küüt, Undersecretary of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior, as well as diaspora policy planners from both countries.

    When greeting diaspora experts online, the Foreign Vice-Minister Germanas stressed that Lithuania was open to sharing the experience of implementing its diaspora policy and sought to learn the best practices of other countries in this field.

    The meeting focused on the implementation of the diaspora policy strategy and the interlocutors shared the best practices of engagement of state institutions and social partners in this area.

    Since 2012, fifteen state agencies and institutions have implemented Lithuania's diaspora engagement policy – ‘Global Lithuania’. The Foreign Ministry has coordinated this programme. Lithuanian municipalities, diaspora organizations and social partners are actively participating in the programme.





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