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Lithuania stands in solidarity with United States of America in fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Created: 2020.05.20 / Updated: 2020.07.14 11:14

On 20 May, the Government of Lithuania decided to allocate EUR 100,000 in humanitarian aid for the purchase of protective equipment manufactured in Lithuania for medical personnel and staff of other services that are helping to save lives in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The United States is now the most-affected country in the world.

Lithuania and Pennsylvania have enjoyed a close, long-term relationship. The cooperation between the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the Pennsylvania National Guard (PANG) has lasted for 27 years. It sets an excellent example of Lithuania’s sustainable partnership with the U.S.

Lithuania has already allocated humanitarian aid to Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and China. The funds have been transferred to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Government also backed the proposal to earmark funds for a study of a coronavirus vaccine and supported other initiatives.

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