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In Rīga, Minister L. Linkevičius raises issue of nuclear safety

Created: 2019.11.29 / Updated: 2019.11.29 14:12
    In Rīga, Minister L. Linkevičius raises issue of nuclear safety

    On 29 November in Rīga, Latvia, at a joint meeting of the Baltic Assembly and the Baltic Foreign Ministers’, the Minister L. Linkevičius emphasized the need for Baltic solidarity in relation to unsafe Belarusian nuclear energy.

    “Due to safety concerns, the Ostrovets Nuclear Power Plant is becoming a challenge for the whole region. We will continue to raise all the issues of nuclear safety and environmental protection, call for international responsibility, and seek the EU’s common position on these issues,” said the Foreign Minister.

    The Baltic Council issued a joint statement, which traditionally reviews cooperation among Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In the document, the Baltic states commit themselves to ensuring that nuclear power plants in the EU's neighborhood should meet the highest international safety standards.

    In Rīga, the Minister L. Linkevičius and his Latvian and Estonian counterparts also discussed regional cooperation.

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