Lithuania’s national preparedness for No-Deal Brexit

Created: 2019.02.18 / Updated: 2019.08.07 13:36

Lithuanian Government holds the position that the Withdrawal Agreement is the best possible means for the UK to exit the EU in orderly manner. In case the UK Government does not ratify the Agreement and the UK exits the EU without the agreement, Lithuanian priority remains the rights of 200 thousand Lithuanians who reside in the UK and close future cooperation with the UK in trade and security.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all government stakeholders prepared Brexit contingency measures, which resulted in 22 amendments to national law that were passed by Lithuanian Parliament on 11 April 2019. The main goal of national contingency measures is to ensure that the hard Brexit causes as few negative consequences as possible to Lithuanian citizens and businesses in the UK and to the UK nationals and businesses in Lithuania.

The main changes in the nutshell that will come into the effect on the day the UK leaves the EU:

-UK nationals enjoy the same rights and obligations as citizens of any other EU member state until the day of the Brexit. The same applies for intermediate period if the Withdrawal Agreements is ratified. However, it is important that Lithuanian residency documents, issued under the EU free movement law, be in order.

-From the day the UK exits the EU, UK nationals, residents of Lithuania prior to Brexit, and their family members will have 9 months to apply for a new Lithuanian residency permit. The simplified application procedure will be free of charge. The residence document, issued in Lithuania under EU free movement law, will be considered as the temporary residence permit until the end of the 9 month transitional period.

-In case of Brexit without the agreement, after 9 month transitional period, UK nationals with temporary residence permit will keep most of the rights enjoyed by the EU citizens.

-Lithuania introduced special provisions for UK nationals who did not reside in Lithuania before the Brexit. UK nationals will be able to acquire the residency permit under more favourable terms than the most of other non-EU nationals.

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